Help Our Students Soar!

STEP 1: Donate any amount online, or drop some cash in the Give BIG! jar at each school site office.

STEP 2: Take your photo in front of the mascot wings:

  • St. Helena Primary School: Angels
  • St. Helena Elementary School: Dragons
  • RLS: Devils
  • St. Helena High School: Saints

STEP 3: Post your photo(s) on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media to show that you have given. Use the hashtags #givebigsthelena and #sthelenawings. Ask your friends and family to give a little – or to Give BIG! Every dollar is appreciated and every dollar counts.

STEP 4: Fly over to the other St. Helena public schools to take photos with each unique set of mascot wings! (You must sign in as a guest at the front office during school hours.) Repeat steps 1 – 3.

Where does your money go?

Field trips, library acquisitions, fine art programs, special education, STEM learning, movie nights, visits by authors & academics, drama productions, play structures, and so much more!


A BIG! thank you to:

  • Kerri Beeker, SHPS & SHES parent who came up with wing concept after seeing wings in Mexico & LA – and realizing all four St. Helena Public School mascots have wings.
  • Kendra Kelperis, RLS art teacher who allowed us to use her classroom to make the wings, and who painted the RLS Devil wings
  • Julie Rayner, who painted the wing backdrops and helped with logistics
  • Vanessa von Hessert, who made the wing platforms and painted the SHPS Angel and SHES Dragon wings, and took photos of Primary School students
  • Anna Chouteau – SHPS parent and our make-the-wings-happen person!
  • Silvia Seyve,  SHHS art teacher who worked with high school students to paint the Saints wings
  • Gillian Casey, SHPS parent who helped the day we took all the photos
  • Central Valley for donating the plywood
  • Steve’s Hardware for discounting the paint
  • The SHUSD operations team for mounting the wings

And thank you to our principals for all the support:

  • St. Helena Primary School –  Tamara Sanguinetti
  • St. Helena Elementary School – Tanya Pearson
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School – Karin Cox
  • St. Helena High School – Benjamin Scinto

Look for more photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and follow along with hashtags #givebigsthelena and #sthelenawings.